About Us

About Us

Yelter was founded in 2005, originally under the name Unique Media, and re-branded as Yelter.com in 2010. Our original goal was to provide high quality search engine optimisation (SEO) to small and medium sized businesses. However, as our client base grew so did we, and we now also have several multi-national companies we’re proud to call clients. We have hired more staff and we have improved and refined our processes over the last 8 years, growing with our customers. We also branched out into the increasingly important world of Social Media Management, meeting market demand, and expanded our services to become a full service digital marketing company.

In 2011 Yelter began to offer SEO Outsourcing services to web design companies and other digital agencies, enabling them to focus on their core business, and provide added value to their clients. This has proved to be a huge success, and now makes up the majority of our business. There are dozens of SEO Outsourcing companies out there, but unlike us, not many of them are UK companies, speaking perfect English, and available on the phone during normal UK business hours.

Are we the cheapest? No we aren’t the cheapest – we also aren’t the most expensive! – but we charge an honest and fair price for the work that is required on an ongoing basis, to make your on-line marketing campaign a success. Beware of cheap offerings. The saying “you get what you pay for” is especially true when it comes to SEO.

We pride ourselves in being professional but also being friendly and approachable. The very nature of our work means it is important to have an open relationship with our customers so that we can provide the best possible solution/s for them. We are always available to speak to on the phone, on-line or even in person.

We understand it can be hard to appreciate the value of investment in internet marketing services but we are here to help and guide you. We are a no-nonsense company. We won’t make promises we can’t keep.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your business.